Mountain Bike Women Camps

With female guides on the trails

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Our different Girls Bike Camps

Women Camps and Events

Our girls camps are all about shared experiences and learning and improving in an all-female group. Among women it is simply more relaxed, there is not the urge to outdo each other, but rather to push each other, motivate and have fun biking.

Women on bikes often underestimate themselves, don’t want to hold others up and therefore quickly feel stressed. For this reason, many women’s concerns in mixed groups are not that they will fall or hurt themselves, but that they will be too slow and hold up the group, especially the male participants. The thought that others would have to wait for them is often enough to make women feel less confident and thus unable to develop on the bike.

Our lead guide Sabine Schipflinger speaks here from her many years of experience in the guiding segment.

Women on bikes feel more comfortable expanding their skills among themselves and learning something new without worrying about whether they are good enough. Among women, there is more tolerance, less pressure to perform, and support for learning new skills and abilities.

That’s why we only use female guides at these events, who will work with you on your skills. So you can enjoy the mountains stress-free and without pressure to perform and make progress along the way.

The main focus of our girls camps is always clearly on the experience. Be casual trails from mountain peaks, or speedy runs in the bike park. However, it is never neglected that safety is the top priority and the tours are adapted to the conditions so that the risk is minimized.

Pictures from our Women Bike Camps

Your trainers and guides

Lena is an all-rounder, always motivated and with high goals. There is hardly a mountain sport discipline in which she is not constantly pushing her limits. From the chick in a Tyrolean ski racing family, her career first developed in the direction of mountain biking and then later on to ambitious alpine projects. You rarely see them on the ski slopes these days, but you do see them again and again on the podium at MTB marathons or on various sports advertising images. In between, Lena works as an extremely motivated and experienced riding technique trainer and bike guide.

Sabine – Grown up in Viehhofen, a small village in front of Saalbach Hinterglemm, she moved to Innsbruck to study sports science. When she’s not in college, she loves to spend her time on the snow or on the trails. Through her work as an instructor in the ski instructors association, ski guide and mountain bike guide, she likes to pass on her knowledge to like-minded people or those who want to become one. You can also meet her as a trainer at guide trainings of Bikehow and the Alpine Club.