General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Here you can find our terms and conditions as PDF: AGB – Flat Sucks GmbH

In addition, the following information and an excerpt from the GTC regarding the cancellation deadlines for the participant.

Information requirements according to §7 para. 1 RSV

Reference is made to the other information obligations in accordance with the regulations for the travel agency business (see in particular § 2 of the regulations for the travel agency business.
– BGBl. No. 401/1998 as amended; available on the Internet at: is referred to in this context.

Organizer: Reisebüro Flat Sucks GmbH
Trade Information System Austria,
, GISA number: 32815382

According to the Travel Agency Insurance Ordinance (RSV), customer monies for package tours of the tour operator “Reisebüro Emprechtinger Markus” are insured under the following conditions:
The deposit is paid at the earliest eleven months before the agreed end of the trip and amounts to 10% of the tour price. The balance will be paid at the earliest 20 days before departure – step by step against delivery of the travel documents to the traveler. Down payments or final payments made in excess of this or ahead of schedule may not be demanded. Deposits or final payments are only secured to the extent that the tour operator is entitled to receive them. The hedged amount is used primarily to satisfy payments received in accordance with the regulations.

Guarantor or insurer:

RB Walding Ottensheim
4100 Ottensheim

All claims must be filed within 8 weeks of the occurrence of an insolvency with

TVA Tourism Insurance Agency Ltd.
Baumannstrasse 9, 1030 Vienna

to make.


Insofar as gender-specific formulations are used in the following, these refer equally to women and men.

Insofar as declarations or other contractual acts are to be in writing, this shall not only be understood to mean in writing within the meaning of § 886 ABGB, but also in any other suitable form, i.e. also fax, e-mail, pdf document, etc., provided that the declarant/creator of the document as well as the content of the declaration/document can be determined without doubt.

Minors participants

The participation of persons under 14 years of age (minors) requires the written consent of their legal representative (parent, parent, other legal representative). Only a written statement by the legal representative is accepted as consent.

The consent must be submitted to the travel agency at the time of booking.

If the consent is not available at the latest on the day of the start of the event, this constitutes an important reason that entitles the travel agency to withdraw from the contract.

Any disadvantages incurred by the participant as a result of not (timely) submitting or handing over the declaration of consent shall be borne by the participant.

Withdrawal from the contract by the participant

If the participant exercises this right, the travel agency is entitled to the agreed fee in the following amount:

Use of image material

During the activity, the guide or a person appointed by the guide may take photographs and/or film footage. The participant may be depicted and recognized as a person in the recordings.

The participant agrees that such photo and/or film material may be published by the guide on the website The participant also agrees that this material may be used for advertising purposes, first and foremost for the presentation of activities in social networks (e.g. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.) and trade journals, as well as for the production of special advertising materials (posters, flyers, marketing videos, etc.).

If the participant does not agree with this, he has to inform the travel agency or the guide explicitly.

Applicable law, place of jurisdiction

Austrian law is exclusively applicable to the entire contractual relationship between the travel agency and the participant. Legal provisions that refer to the legal system of another country, such as the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, are expressly excluded from this.

For all legal disputes arising from the contract between the travel agency and the participant, the relevant court in Innsbruck shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

The provisions of §14 KSchG remain unaffected.

Final provisions

If any provision of these GTC is wholly or partially invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the legal validity or enforceability of all other provisions in the GTC.

In this case, the travel agency and the participant shall replace the invalid or unenforceable provision with a provision that comes as close as possible to the content and purpose of the provision in question.

A set-off of the participant with his own claims (counterclaims), of whatever kind, against claims of the travel agency is excluded.