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E-bike tours in Tyrol and the Alps

Experience the fascination of e-biking with Flat Sucks! Our e-bike tours, courses and camps offer you a unique adventure on two wheels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trail biker, with us you will find the perfect program to discover the versatility and fun of e-biking.Our e-bike tours will take you to the most beautiful places in the region and offer a mix of breathtaking landscapes and exciting trails. Explore nature on your e-bike and enjoy the ease of getting around on two wheels. Our experienced guides will show you the best routes and make sure that you experience unforgettable moments on your e-bike tours.

For beginners we offer special e-bike courses where you learn the basics of e-biking. From the correct technique to the optimal use of the support functions of your e-bike – our qualified trainers are at your side and will help you to quickly and safely find your way on the e-bike. In our beginner camps you can develop your skills and share the joy of e-biking with like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere.For advanced trail bikers we offer challenging e-bike tours that put your riding skills to the test. Experience the power of your e-bike and conquer technically challenging single trails and steep climbs. Our guides are experts in route planning and adapt the tours to the ability of the group so that you can use the full potential of your e-bike.

Our e-bike tours are specially tailored to the needs of e-bike riders. We offer high quality e-bikes for rent so you can enjoy the latest technology and comfort of an e-bike. With our e-bikes you can cover longer distances, tackle steep climbs and experience the joy of biking at the same time. At Flat Sucks, safety comes first. Our experienced guides will make sure that you feel safe during the e-bike tours and that you can enjoy e-biking to the fullest. We attach great importance to a proper introduction to the technology and safety precautions of e-biking, so that you are well prepared and can enjoy your e-bike tour to the fullest.

Experience unforgettable e-bike tours, courses and camps with Flat Sucks and discover the fascination of e-biking. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trail biker, we have the perfect program for you. Get ready for exciting e-bike adventures with Flat Sucks!

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Our e-bike guides

Markus – Born in the hilly Innviertel region, it was clear at the latest when he moved to Innsbruck to study that a life without mountains would no longer be viable. He studied meteorology so he wouldn’t get caught in the rain on the road, but most of the time he’s outdoors anyway and takes the weather as it comes. After many years of bike guiding experience (over 50 Transalps) now fully in the mountain guide business. Markus is an all-rounder, whether with bike, ice tools, climbing pads or skis, he has fun everywhere. That’s why flatsucks, as long as the terrain isn’t flat, nothing stands in the way of a good day. Besides mountain sports, there is also photography. Of course, the guests benefit from this as well, because neat pictures of eventful tours are already a cool thing.

Patrick – Patricks is a snow person, bikedad, and mountain guide. For him, it’s the depth meters that count, 365 days a year. However, it’s not about quantity, but quality. When the snow is bad, he stays at home, but then he is again the first in the field when there is fresh snow.

Manfred – For Manfred, outdoor sports and exercise have always been a central part of his life. Be it skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing and cross-country skiing in winter, or cycling, climbing, mountaineering and windsurfing in summer. So it was only a logical step for him to go from being a youthful ski and snowboard instructor to becoming a state-certified mountain and ski guide and mountain bike guide. He has always remained an all-rounder, but it is on the bike and on skis that he has the most experience. Meanwhile, he passes on this enthusiasm for every variety of mountain sports not only to his children, but also to his customers.

Christoph – Christoph is based in Absam near Innsbruck and has 35 years of experience in the bike industry from all areas, be it consulting, testing, producing or journalism. He founded Vertriders, Innsbruck Nordkette Singletrail and is a member of the Federal Teaching Team MTB of the Austrian Alpine Club. Christoph is an enthusiastic trail biker and eMTB pioneer, for him it’s bike season all year round.