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Patrizia D.

Hello Markus!

Just wanted to say that I was fully satisfied with the driving safety training! Couldn’t have gone better, Lena did everything great! ­čĹŹ­čśŐ

Now I know my bike better, feel safer in any case and have so a bissl trail air can sniff! :)

Thank you and lg Patrizia

Bettina E.

I participated in the e-bike riding safety training on 07/23/22.
The course was very informative and entertaining.
The trainer Mane made a very competent impression, enlightened us about the technical basics of the e-bike, answered our questions and uncertainties and showed us helpful tips and tricks to feel more confident on the e-bike.
In short: it was a lot of fun and I have already recommended the course to friends!
I wish you a beautiful “Radl-Herbst”!

Dani G.

HELLO Markus, thanks again. Was mega cool today. Learned a lot. Super Trainer. Nice group… see you hopefully soon. Will definitely recommend you­čśâ­čĹŹ­čĹŹ­čĹŹglg Dani

Nathalie K.

Yesterday evening we returned from Nauders tired but very very happy. We had a great group, a great hotel and last but not least with Sabine a really wonderful, motivating trainer! I have learned so much that all the efforts and strains are forgotten and I think back to the past days with a smile on my face. Even the rain is something positive for me, after all, I learned even more and overcame fears.

Lisa P.

Hello Markus,

The course today with Philipp was really great! Now it’s a season of practice and then I’m back at it!

Thank you for the top program!

Hannes O.

I wanted to thank you again very much for the freeride technique training at Axamer Lizum! The Mayrhofer Michi was really a sensational guide and the technique super conveyed. In the end, it was even better than I had hoped for, and overall our whole “crew” had a sensational day! I will also be happy to recommend you to my friends and acquaintances. In this sense, thank you again and all the best!

Benno H.

How satisfied were you with the camp/course? Very satisfied. In these 2.5 days I have learned so much and can take incredibly much for my future departures.
How satisfied were you with your mountain guide? Very competent and friendly. One was understood and no question remained unanswered.
Would you book a camp/course again or recommend it to others? Yes/No? Why? I have long since recommended the course to several friends and learned that our course clearly stands out from the rest of the providers.
What other or similar events might you be interested in attending in the future? I would definitely like to do another ski touring course, there I still have catching up potential

Thanks again for everything and have fun with the Stubai-Arlberg crossing :)

Claudia E.

Hello Markus,
thanks for the great course! Peter and I were thrilled with Philipp.
We are already thinking about repeating the course next year. J
If you have offers in the direction of survival or first aid in extreme situations in the warm season, we would be happy to hear from you.
Love and have a nice start of the week

Barbara P.

How much one (in this case woman) has learned, one often recognizes only in the next, tricky situation and there I can say
YES, I definitely learned a lot through the camp.
How satisfied were you with the camp?
Complete :)
How satisfied were you with your trainer(s)?
Sabine was empathetic, focused, patient, eager, motivating and always a ray of sunshine. That’s exactly the kind of person you want to follow …
Would you book a camp again or recommend this one to others? Yes/No? Why?
Yes – I have already recommended it to others. Why, because the combination of tender/promise and content/redemption was just a super good fit. The RFP was worded very precisely compared to many others, which appealed to me (no wishy-washy). The packing list of tools / technical utensils was very (!) Well meant and the reference to the rear wheel offset was not quite tenable, but these are absolute trifles.
What other or similar events might you be interested in attending in the future?
Exactly at such – beginner formats there are many, for advanced then unfortunately often becomes thinner, because presumably the organizers are afraid that the masses are missing. But that’s exactly where you can develop in a super focused way! Girls Only is not a yes/no criteria for me, but it seems to work! ;) Keep it up, please!!!
Only note (criticism I will not call it): for the wellness offer of the hotel was practically no time (due to the wonderful tours) – the question arises whether you always need such an offer and must pay (although the package price was really top!)
Sunny greetings from the foothills of the Alps and maybe until next year!

Martin W.

Hello Markus,

I was satisfied with the course. Hope I can still improve my “basic attitude” and technique by some. Lena designed the course very well and in my opinion also found a good middle ground between total beginners and somewhat advanced. Personally, I would have preferred to be a little more on trails, although I am well aware that the training ground is important and also necessary.

Will definitely recommend a beginner’s course to my wife, as here she can be introduced to more difficult passages under professional guidance.

Cool would be maybe an event where you could do something together with the kids.

Maria G.

Hello Markus,

sorry for the late reply. I will be happy to answer your questions.
1. the course (it was my second with you) has again brought me a lot. There were new things in it. I was able to deepen some things as I imagined them. I am much safer on the road and, above all, more fear-free.
2. the trainer was motivated, competent and patient and managed to reconcile all of us – somehow. Respect!
3. I will book next again a course and namely the light advanced I think – I would so like to ride an easy trail. I recommend you constantly – everyone who has an E-MTB should do such a course before he starts.
4th course for light advanced :-)
I can’t criticize anything.
Kind regards, Maria

Bettina K.

Hello Markus,

late, but nevertheless, my feedback comes.

How satisfied were you with the camp? Did it do anything for you?
I enjoyed the camp suuuper much. Top area in the Zillertal. The accommodation full beautiful, cozy and good food!
The choice of route by Sabine also a dream!
I definitely got something out of the camp. The technique explanations by Sabine were very instructive and helpful. Riding in a group also allows you to do a lot more than you would otherwise be able to.

How satisfied were you with your trainer(s)?
Sabine has given us a suuuper, awesome time in the 3 days. The whole route selection was just fantastic! The technique explanations and their support in difficult places were also very helpful, reassuring and motivating.
Due to her chilled manner and her relaxed and motivating words, we participants, even after minor falls, never broke out hectic….because Sabine herself never radiated hectic or stress. Always a smile and a loose saying on the lips.
In short: it doesn’t get any better than this!

Would you book a course again or recommend it to others? Yes/No? Why?
After I had a lot of fun and the trainer was great, I definitely recommend Flatsucks. The why is explained in the previous answer. ;-)
And I will definitely book something again.
I find the offer from Flatsucks very good.

What other or similar events might you be interested in attending in the future?
If time permits I will definitely book a 1 week tour. Maybe “Ticino Tre Laghi – Dream Trails in Ticino” is planned again in 2022.
The tour very happy also with Bine.

Love greetings

Kathi H.

Hello, regarding the feedback on the girls camp:

I was very satisfied with the camp and also learned a lot in the 3 days.
The trails were very well chosen (every day something more difficult and new).
Sabine was perfect as a trainer and always motivated us all a lot to get out of our comfort zone and go over obstacles instead of pushing. There was enough time scheduled to look at difficult spots and try them out several times. Discussing and looking at challenging areas and showing her was also great.
I would book the same camp again (just a different location for a change) and would definitely recommend it to others.

Ursula S.

Hello Markus,

the boys enjoyed the camp very much!

Here is the feedback:

How satisfied were you with the camp?

10 out of 10 points

Did it do anything for you?

Yes, very much.

How satisfied were you with the trainers:

9.7 out of 10 points

The point deduction is because they sometimes had to follow ­čśŐ – From a parent’s point of view, therefore, 10 out of 10 points ­čśë

Would you take a course again or would you recommend it to others?

Yes 100%

Yes, for sure!


Funny, good friends are with you, with friends it is very fun

What other or similar events might you be interested in attending in the future?

Freeride in winter with ski or snowboard

Thanks again for the great camp!

Barbara J.

How satisfied were you with the course? Did he do anything for you?

I liked the camp very much. It was a great weekend in a cool group and has definitely brought me further in my riding technique and safety on the trails. It was just right for me in terms of demand and difficulty.

How satisfied were you with your trainer(s)?

Rita gave super tips all weekend so we could improve our technique. Was always super on it and very helpful and competent. It was a lot of fun biking with her.

Would you book a course again or recommend it to others? Yes/No? Why?

Yes definitely, was great ­čÖé

What other or similar events might you be interested in attending in the future?

A similar course, Level II.

Manfred M.

Hello Markus and Kay,

from 18. – 24. 7.21 Werner F. and I participated in an alpine cross “Transalp High Five” from St.Anton to Riva.

We wanted to thank you again for the sensational driving technique course with you, without these explanations we would not have come down the partly kilometer long trails in one piece and above all safely. Despite our hardtails, we could easily keep up with the fullys and had huge fun.

Greetings Manni

Robert S.

I was in the advanced technique course last Sunday with Jonas.

How satisfied were you with the course? Did he do anything for you?

Very satisfied, we focused a lot on sharpening technique, which is exactly my weak point. I think it has certainly brought something, I now know a few basics that were not so clear to me before (e.g. outer arm stretched through)

How satisfied were you with your trainer(s)?

Very satisfied. Good mix of explanation (“theory”) and demonstration

Would you book a course again or recommend it to others? Yes/No? Why?

Logical! Coordinating the topics on site with the participants is of course good, then you can cater to individual interests. However, before the course is already quite a question mark, which level that will be approximately and whether that fits and what will be done specifically. I felt that we were pretty consistent in what we wanted to do, although there were differences in level (not a problem). However, if I had been the only one who would have liked to learn more downhill park techniques and not alpine, I probably would have been a little disappointed. Therefore, perhaps make it clearer in the course description that it is more about techniques in the (alpine) terrain and perhaps a separate course on techniques in the trail?

What other or similar events might you be interested in attending in the future?

Technical training in the park (Mutters, Arzler Alm,…), further training for natural trails (high steps, blocked terrain, …). A training during the week at the same time as the kids training would be great, maybe some parents would be there? Then I don’t have to take my laptop with me in the car to work ;-)

By the way super organized from registration to course start!

Markus S.

Now I have time for the feedback.
I thought the camp was great, it was a lot of fun. I also learned a lot, even if the offset in the trail did not work. I would definitely recommend it or book it again myself!
I would have the following ideas/ improvements: A hotel with more vegetarian food. The food was delicious, but if my friend had been there as a vegetarian she wouldn’t have found much on the menu. Likewise, I would find it better to do the camp 2-3 weeks later. You are then still at the beginning of the season and have enough time to deepen what you have learned. For me, this would be better because I would then have a few more trail kilometers and thus the feeling is different on the Radl.
Zillertal Enduro or other technical camps I can always imagine. It brings so much and is just fun.

Werner F.

This is the first time I have participated in such a course and I was very excited about what to expect and what I can take away for myself.
  • Big kudos definitely to Kay, he really catered to everyone’s needs and still imparted a wide variety of techniques and tips to us all that day.
  • Course was top and I was surprised what I can learn in one day.
  • Will certainly book another driving technique course and next year ev. times a camp or a tour

G├╝nter M.

How satisfied were you with the camp? Did it do anything for you?
The camp was great and helped me determine where I stand! There is still plenty of room for improvement! Would increase the flow trail share a little!
How satisfied were you with your trainer(s)?
The Kay is a super friendly guy and knows the Zillertal really well, on the bike really top!
Would you book a course again or recommend it to others? Yes/No? Why?
ja, immediately, next year necessarily Ortler. Casual atmosphere and very well organized!

Stefanie B.

Hello Markus,

the camp was great! Am already thinking about whether I do it again next year, then the forest trail without rain­čśë
The level fit perfectly and with my main problem curves Rita worked wonders. Rita was sensational. She had so much patience and kept everyone going. And clearly I would definitely recommend the course.
I would not have dared to do the same course with men. Keep the concept only girls in any case. Perhaps there are guided for the level only girls 3-5 day tours.

Pia S.

Hello Markus,
Your camp was mega good and a lot of fun.
Rita has the patience of an angel and just the right way for me to explain something.
It was also great that the routes were suitable for my hardtail.
I have already warmly recommended your course to my girls here in Kochel and maybe we will see each other again next year.

Barbara B.

The E-bike course last Saturday with guide DOMINIK was super and has brought me a lot.
DOMINIK has personally addressed each of the participants, and has taken “ME” the initial fear of my e-bike to 90% by the end of the course.
greeting barbara

Alexandra K.

We were very satisfied! The structure of the training was very logical and sensible, but such a training certainly stands and falls with the trainer. The chemistry with Sabine was super good, she was very empathetic and I quickly found trust. Without them, I would certainly never have driven certain things.

Petra B.

I had a great day and all my questions were answered! Now I ride the bike, before it was the other way around :-)
The balance exercises have given me a feel for my bike and the confidence that I can control it is now there.
Proper hill descent, stopping in steep terrain, and just letting off in an emergency situation are all things that are very important.
Have long discussed with my father in law, yes he has been cycling all his life, so you do not need….then I asked him how he drives down from the mountain – yes then I knew I did the right thing!

Christian F.

Was great!! Just the right introduction to technology! Wednesday ride we are sure times at the start!

Heidi D.

The beginner course has brought me a lot. I went mountain biking the next day and was already much more confident on the bike. Manfred also led the course very well, interesting and very informative.
Am also very interested in the advanced course, as well as Tuesday training at the Muttereralm.
Will of course recommend you. And I’m sure we’ll see each other again.

Catherine S.

Hello Markus,
a short feedback to the girls bike camp last weekend.
I was/am very satisfied with the camp. Location and accommodation was perfect, weather too.
I especially liked the structure of the camp. The first day basics and nature trail and the second day bike park.
Trainers were great, was with Bine in the group. She really did a great job. Listened to everyone and gave super feedback. Despite different levels in the group, she managed to keep everyone challenged.
I would definitely recommend Flatsocks to others and book a course with you again.
Organization was very good.
The only drawback: cab on the first day to the trail.

Laura B.

Hello Markus, I would recommend the girls camp in any case and preferably participate again! Had a really great weekend in a super group ­čśŐ Although we were partly very different, especially in terms of skill and expectations, Bine has managed to make us all more than happy.I could especially improve my cornering technique and have got a lot of confidence in the bike dazubekommen!Also the hotel was great and the staff really nice ­čśŐ

Shortly before leaving, my group and I discussed that we would be very happy to have some sort of “set-up camp”.

Adi G.

I would like to thank you for yesterday’s e bike training, it was a great day with Jonas and very instructive, I have learned a lot and will always pass on positive.

Magdalena W.

Thanks Markus for the great technique training last weekend!
it was perfectly organized I liked the hotel.

The training was very educational, funny and very honest!
I was able to take away a few things that I will still work on!
You as a trainer and guide are absolutely convincing!
In any case, I will book a camp with you again.

Christian H.

yes unfortunately, the summit luck was denied us. But the mountain is not going anywhere.
With Hannes everything worked perfectly and we were able to take a lot of new things with us for the first high altitude tour.

Valerie G.

first of all: it was sensational! I have such a joy, I got right afterwards at home again on the bike and sped through the forest – with curves and slopes downhill!
Accordingly also to point 1 of your questionnaire: absolutely! Now I have to consolidate what I have learned. Hence my question (we had discussed this after the course still in the parking lot that we would find it great, there would be for beginners still a common trail. We are not ready for advanced yet, but we would love to do such an easy trail. I would be there immediately (ad point 3 of your question)
Sabine was great: very patient, motivating, very well explained.
I recommended you to others the same evening – if you get in touch with ****** and/ or ***** – they will come from me :-)
Yes, so I was positively satisfied all around and also very happy that I saw progress myself right away. As I said, I would love to do another course where you tackle your first trail/forest/meadow trail of your own.

Should you have a newsletter distribution list regarding this or advertise an offer accordingly, please let me know :-)

Love greetings

Hannes H.

it was really great, we learned exactly what we expected. Nice people met and Patrik has made it really super casual. Even if the weather was later a bissl a Sch.., it was worthwhile even in the rain, because as we know, there is no bad weather – only bad Gwand!
Patrik is able to respond to everyone and explains exactly what you are doing wrong and what you need to practice. A cool, totally nice likeable guy.
We will now deepen what we have learned and maybe when we are in better shape we will learn the hairpin technique – but that is still a long way to go J
In any case, we can recommend your course!
Unfortunately, I can’t give an online review because I don’t have that. We have signed up for the Wednesday round, so maybe one or two rounds will work out.

Karin D.

Hello Markus,

i was at the entry level driving course on 5/23/20.
My intention was to get a taste of the subject and to find out if I am interested in trailing. The course was great!
I learned to know my bike better and to be more interested in it. The atmosphere was pleasant, we also laughed a lot. The basic exercise was fun and well taught. The subsequent repositioning in the field brought additional enthusiasm.
I thought the course was great and have recommended you a few times. Here’s to them coming to you too!
I am mega enthusiastic since the course and want to stay on it. Currently, I’m also looking for like-minded beginners- to be more in between but it’s just more fun on the road. I would love to join one of your technique courses again, but before that I just need some riding experience ;-) From what level does it make sense to be on the Wednesday Free Ride evenings?

Melanie M.

The beginners course was great!!!
You learn the most important basic things.
Lena explained it well!

Would definitely recommend the course and will probably attend other courses.

Verena K.

Hey Markus and Kay,

Your course was brilliant. No criticism, only praise :)
As with the first course a few years ago, I feel like I’ve made quite a bit of progress.
You covered exactly the content I was hoping to get out of the course. I found it insanely cool that each participant was individually addressed and the program was always flexibly adapted! I would book a course with you again anytime but now I will work on internalizing and automating everything so that this season is even more fun than the last ones.

As a course suggestion: I have often heard from friends that they would like a downhill course. These can then safely make hairpin turns and move the rear wheel but especially on laid trails you need quite a bit of technique. Maybe that would be an idea at some point.

Thank you for the course and I look forward to a next one.

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