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Transalp adventure

Transalp adventure 1989 - first Transalp by Andreas Heckmair With the mountain bike over the Alps, 25 years ago and in 1989 it was a real adventure with an uncertain outcome for [...]

Which ski is right for me?

Which ski is right for me? Not infrequently the question is put to me which ski I would recommend, and each time I have to dodge the question a bit, [...]

Trans Provence MTB stage tour

Trans Provence MTB Stage Tour 2016 With the mountain bike from Briancon to the Mediterranean Sea - pure Enduro! Trans Provence, here it rings yet somewhere in the back of the head. [...]

Explorer Trip

Flat Sucks Explorer Trip A project together with Endura and Komoot Who is up for an exploration trip? If you don't like to explore new single [...]

Transalp included

Transalp included Across the Alps as a team A special kind of inclusion project of the Austrian Alpine Club and the Alpine Club Youth. As befits an inclusive team, [...]

A Bike Trip to Georgia

A Bike Trip to Georgia Biking in Georgia? Cool! Are there any good trails there? For the locals, this must sound like someone asking us if mountain biking [...]

How not to be an E-Bike Hater

How not to be an E-Bike Hater First visual contact with the e-bike I remember it very well, it was a few years ago in my active Transalp leadership time when I [...]

Wednesday Free Ride 2017

Wednesday Free Ride Hello mountain bikers! FLAT SUCKS and THE FREERIDE CENTER invite you to a joint biker round. Every Wednesday evening we explore the trails around Innsbruck together. So all those [...]