Trans Provence MTB Stage Tour 2016

With the mountain bike from Briancon to the Mediterranean Sea – pure Enduro!

Trans Provence, here it rings yet somewhere in the back of the head. Stage races in the south of France, some of the best Enduro stages ever, invitation races, limited starting places, the elite of the sport battles it out here for the Enduro crown. Many reports about the race can be found on the net, but nothing about a more exact course. So the ingenious bike area remains reserved for the pros? No, not at all. With us it is possible to bike on the tracks of the elite stress-free and with a firework of dream trails from Briancon to the Mediterranean in 6 days.

Can it get any better?

Meeting point with the participants is in the beautiful Stubaital. Stubai?? Thought it was going to Provence? Yes, but so that not everyone has to take on the eternally long car journey themselves, we start already with small bus and trailer all together in Austria. This first day of the journey is also the hardest. Viieeel sit and everyone is glad when it’s over. But at the latest at dinner it was clear: Now it gets better every day!

The following day at dinner, however, it was no longer clear. What should be better now? We had a day with two tremendous trail descents for which you would have to search a little longer in the eastern Alps. The stretcher passage in the ascent was forgotten at the latest after the second hairpin bend on the trail. Unlike in the Tyrolean area, the trails here are rather flat, which means that you are on the road much longer until you are back in the valley. Despite a brisk pace, the Trans Provence trails are somehow all endless. So, what’s going to get better after this day? On the second day of driving there were no more doubts, it seems that it can always be better! Permanent grin guaranteed!

Holy trails and clearly more downhill than uphill!

That’s how it goes for a week. Breakfast, shuttling, pedaling, Holy Trails ride, lunch (French snack taken care of by the driver), shuttling, pedaling, the next trail, possibly the next trail. again shutteln, or beer drinking, dinner, wine drinking, sleep, breakfast,…. If you didn’t know what it was about, it would sound almost monotonous. But, firstly, biking is never boring and secondly, in fact, EVERY trail is different. Really hard to believe. Another special feature on the tour is the red and gray earth, which each provide a very special driving experience, but everyone must experience this for themselves on their own bike to be able to join in. I’ll only tell you this much: Very very cool!

With the support of the shuttle, you save all transfer distances on the Trans Provence. Except for short coasting sections, you never ride your bike anywhere near a major road and are basically quite lonely along the way for the entire tour. Don’t forget, you still have to do some pedaling yourself, and in terms of physical fitness the Trans Provence is on the same level as a Transalp! During the whole tour we met only 3 or 4 other bikers, and maybe 5 hikers – and that in best weather! So if you’re in the mood for lonely, soulful trails of the top class and have the necessary riding skills, i.e. a very solid S2 level, this tour should definitely be on your radar. I can only recommend it, and would ride it again anytime.

A few impressions:

Pictures from 2017:

Trans Provence 2017