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Our events take place outdoors.

Flat Sucks

It is boring on the plain.

Our destinations are exclusively in the mountains.

Flat Sucks

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Our guides will take care of your problems.

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Mountain biking in the mountains is Diverse

Welcome to FlatSucks, the expert for multi-faceted mountain bike experiences on breathtaking single trails in the Alps! Our tours throughout the Alps offer ambitious mountain bikers incomparable trails, adrenaline and breathtaking panoramas. Experience with us unforgettable day tours in Tyrol, action-packed weekend trips in the Dolomites and Switzerland, epic Transalp adventures and exciting bike trips to France. Can it even be exotic destinations? One or the other flight trip can also be found in our program.

If you do not yet have the necessary technical skills, special courses and multi-day riding technique camps as well as our bike school offer the ideal opportunity to increase your level and master more challenging trails without fear and uncertainty.
At Flatsucks there are perfect beginner courses for mountain bike newbies. Off the forest trails, you can gain valuable off-road experience and safely learn the basics of this exciting sport. Our experienced trainers and guides will accompany you to an unforgettable mountain bike experience and help you perfect your technique.

And as they say, “You never stop learning.” That’s why we also offer advanced bikers special courses that deal with bike mountaineering and the infamous hairpin turns.

For children there are special training offers to introduce them to the sport of mountain biking in a playful way. If you would like to go on an exciting transalpine or biking trip, Flatsucks also offers customized packages for that. The wide range of possibilities ensures that every mountain bike enthusiast can discover the right experience for them.

At Flatsucks, you have the opportunity to find the perfect mountain biking experience for you. Whether you’re an enduro adventurer looking for a challenge or prefer to train your skills in the bike park, you’ll find it here.

Flatsucks is more than just mountain biking – we are a passionate community of like-minded people. Dive into the fascinating world of single trails and experience unforgettable moments on the mountain bike. Book your course or trip with Flatsucks today and start your exciting adventure on the mountain bike! You are from far away? Book your flights to Innsbruck today.

Pictures of our Bike Tours

Our Bike Guides

Markus – Born in the hilly Innviertel region, it was clear at the latest when he moved to Innsbruck to study that a life without mountains would no longer be viable. He studied meteorology so he wouldn’t get caught in the rain on the road, but most of the time he’s outdoors anyway and takes the weather as it comes. After many years of bike guiding experience (over 50 Transalps) now fully in the mountain guide business. Markus is an all-rounder, whether with bike, ice tools, climbing pads or skis, he has fun everywhere. That’s why flatsucks, as long as the terrain isn’t flat, nothing stands in the way of a good day. Besides mountain sports, there is also photography. Of course, the guests benefit from this as well, because neat pictures of eventful tours are already a cool thing.

Kay has been mountain biking all over the Alpine arc and beyond for more than 20 years and brings with him many years of practice as an MTB guide and MTB coach. Uphill, Downhill, CC, Enduro or Gravity – everything is fine with him, the main thing it goes save, fluid and with style!
Motto: Never stop wanting to be better than you were yesterday – the better you move your bike, the more awesome every single experience on the bike will be – from the quick after-work lap, to the alpine multi-day tour!
His passion: to make you safer and more effective on the trail as an MTB coach and to ride the longest, most rewarding, epic, toughest trails in Europe with you as an MTB guide!

Manfred – For Manfred, outdoor sports and exercise have always been a central part of his life. Be it skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing and cross-country skiing in winter, or cycling, climbing, mountaineering and windsurfing in summer. So it was only a logical step for him to go from being a youthful ski and snowboard instructor to becoming a state-certified mountain and ski guide and mountain bike guide. He has always remained an all-rounder, but it is on the bike and on skis that he has the most experience. Meanwhile, he passes on this enthusiasm for every variety of mountain sports not only to his children, but also to his customers.

Sabine – Grown up in Viehhofen, a small village in front of Saalbach Hinterglemm, she moved to Innsbruck to study sports science. When she’s not in college, she loves to spend her time on the snow or on the trails. Through her work as an instructor in the ski instructors association, ski guide and mountain bike guide, she likes to pass on her knowledge to like-minded people or those who want to become one.