With the mountain bike and e-bike over the Alps

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Mountain bike transalp across the Alps

As a mountain biker, you have to have ridden a Transalp at least once in your life. Crossing the Alps offers an unforgettable experience and is a great goal to train towards. And yes, training is definitely necessary. There are some easy alpine cross routes and also the e-bike makes things easier, but you still get nothing for free. After all, you spend a few hours in the saddle for several days in a row. But we can promise you one thing. A Transalp is worthwhile and you can tell about it for a long time.

As a provider of Transalp tours, we offer you the full package: tailor-made tours, small groups and competent guides who will teach you everything you need to know about crossing the Alps over the mountains. We place a high value on safety and fun factor on the mountain bike and e-bike and offer you great nature experiences while you still improve your skills at the same time. We take over the organization, book the hotels, the luggage transfer and the return transfer. All you have to do is get to the starting point and entrust yourself to your guide there. This knows the route, and adapts the difficulty daily to the group. Usually there are several options, and choosing the right descent is crucial for the enjoyment of the tour. Therefore, a good knowledge of the mountains and trails is absolutely necessary, simply following a GPS track can quickly end in disaster.

Mountain bike, e-bike or mixed

In our program you will find both pure e-bike tours and pure mountain bike tours. However, most Transalps are possible both with electric assistance and without. We also like to drive mixed groups on these tours to balance out differences in performance. So feel free to come with the bike of your choice and enjoy the tour. All our e-bike tours are suitable without carrying passages, which could sometimes occur on a classic mountain bike Transalp (eg Heckmair route).

For very sporty e-bike riders who like to ride uphill on partly challenging single trails and see the motor less as a support but more as an enabler of new variations, we also offer pure e-bike tours, but on these the riding speed is then higher and therefore participation without an e-bike is not possible.

Our base is Tyrol

We are stationed directly in the mountains, and are on the road here every day, and not only on Transalps. Tyrol stands for beautiful nature, great adventure opportunities in a great mountain landscape. We organize the tours to the wondrous mountains and valleys of Tyrol from the pretty capital Innsbruck, which is also perfectly accessible by public transport.

On our crossings, on the one hand, it goes classically in one week from the German border to Lake Garda or Lake Como. On the other hand, we also offer shorter tours on lonelier routes or along the main ridge in which we only ride the highlight stages. Some of our guides have over 15 years of Transalp guiding experience, so if you want to have an individual tour for your group, we can give you the best advice. So do not hesitate to contact us.

Pictures of our mountain bike transalps

Our Transalp Guides

Markus – Born in the hilly Innviertel region, it was clear at the latest when he moved to Innsbruck to study that a life without mountains would no longer be viable. He studied meteorology so he wouldn’t get caught in the rain on the road, but most of the time he’s outdoors anyway and takes the weather as it comes. After many years of bike guiding experience (over 50 Transalps) now fully in the mountain guide business. Markus is an all-rounder, whether with bike, ice tools, climbing pads or skis, he has fun everywhere. That’s why flatsucks, as long as the terrain isn’t flat, nothing stands in the way of a good day. Besides mountain sports, there is also photography. Of course, the guests benefit from this as well, because neat pictures of eventful tours are already a cool thing.

Patrick – Patricks is a snow person, bikedad, and mountain guide. For him, it’s the depth meters that count, 365 days a year. However, it’s not about quantity, but quality. When the snow is bad, he stays at home, but then he is again the first in the field when there is fresh snow.

Manfred – For Manfred, outdoor sports and exercise have always been a central part of his life. Be it skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing and cross-country skiing in winter, or cycling, climbing, mountaineering and windsurfing in summer. So it was only a logical step for him to go from being a youthful ski and snowboard instructor to becoming a state-certified mountain and ski guide and mountain bike guide. He has always remained an all-rounder, but it is on the bike and on skis that he has the most experience. Meanwhile, he passes on this enthusiasm for every variety of mountain sports not only to his children, but also to his customers.

Christoph – Christoph is based in Absam near Innsbruck and has 35 years of experience in the bike industry from all areas, be it consulting, testing, producing or journalism. He founded Vertriders, Innsbruck Nordkette Singletrail and is a member of the Federal Teaching Team MTB of the Austrian Alpine Club. Christoph is an enthusiastic trail biker and eMTB pioneer, for him it’s bike season all year round.