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Why attend mountain bike riding technique courses at all?

Mountain bike riding technique courses, why actually? In the same way, one could also question a ski course. But biking can anyone, you learn in Tyrol but as a child, right? No, not at all. You learn to ride a bike in the city. Off-road, however, the world looks very different, there is gravel, roots, stones, steep climbs and descents, steps, narrow turns, etc.. And you definitely can’t do that just because you learned to ride a bike in your school days.

What is the advantage of a driving technique training? Here, one must distinguish between two aspects in particular. On the one hand, a solid basic technique offers a significant gain in safety, and on the other hand, a confident technique brings significantly more driving pleasure. Thus, so-called driving safety trainings are especially interesting for beginners, and re-beginners (e-bike). The course objective here is the safe mastery of gravel road descents at all gradients. The advanced courses, on the other hand, are clearly aimed at getting through even more challenging Tyrolean singletracks with more flow.

Experienced driving technique trainers

Our team of highly trained riding technique trainers guarantees efficient and rapid progress with a steep learning curve. Through many years of experience with mountain bike riding technique courses and continuous training, we offer riding technique training with sophisticated methodology and didactics. We will pick you up exactly at the level you are currently at and with a lot of patience bring you to the next level of mountain biking. Starting from Innsbruck, we offer courses for all skill levels throughout Tyrol. All those who have just bought a new bike and want to really get started without immediately learning mistakes, or even those who finally want to get off the forest road first off-road experience are in good hands with our beginner courses. With our advanced courses as well as multi-day riding technique camps you can reach the necessary level to properly enjoy more challenging trails without fear. And as the saying goes – you never stop learning. That’s why we also offer courses for very advanced bikers – keyword bike climbing and rear wheel shifting…

If you prefer to have a private guide or driving technique trainer for you or your group, you will also find it with us. Whether it’s driving safety training, day tours in the Tyrolean region, courses or events lasting several days, just write us your ideas.

From the correct posture to the bunny hop

All our riding technique courses start with the basics. Without a proper posture, positioning and weight distribution on the bike you need not even try to learn more complex techniques. A good foundation is the basis for everything. So we’ll set you up and show you how to stand on the bike, how to properly use the two brakes, why the front brake is the more important one and how to lose the fear of using it too properly. In various exercise series we bring you step by step further. With advanced students, we usually make quick progress here. With the beginners, on the other hand, we take extra time here to make sure that everything really fits and that no unnecessary mistakes creep in. Once we (and you) are convinced that the basics are in place, it gets more complex. It goes on to tight turns, or the pushing technique in fast slippery turns. Of course, jumping is always a big topic. Here, too, it is relevant that techniques such as lifting the front wheel and rear wheel to overcome obstacles work smoothly. If this is the case, we continue with pig hop and bunny hop as well as their application forms on drops and tables.

Balance is a theme that has accompanied us from the very beginning. This skill is already relevant when learning how to climb and descend correctly in the riding safety courses and is then developed further and further up to the application when making hairpin turns at the riding technique camps.

Pictures from our riding technique courses

Driving technique trainer

Markus – Born in the hilly Innviertel region, it was clear at the latest when he moved to Innsbruck to study that a life without mountains would no longer be viable. He studied meteorology so he wouldn’t get caught in the rain on the road, but most of the time he’s outdoors anyway and takes the weather as it comes. After many years of bike guiding experience (over 50 Transalps), you can now find him full time in the mountain guide business, training new bike guides, as well as on enduro trips across the bike world. Markus is an all-rounder, whether with bike, ice tools, climbing pads or skis, he has fun everywhere. That’s why flatsucks, as long as the terrain isn’t flat, nothing stands in the way of a good day.

Lena is an all-rounder, always motivated and with high goals. There is hardly a mountain sport discipline in which she is not constantly pushing her limits. From the chick in a Tyrolean ski racing family, her career first developed in the direction of mountain biking and then later on to ambitious alpine projects. You rarely see them on the ski slopes these days, but you do see them again and again on the podium at MTB marathons or on various sports advertising images. In between, Lena works as an extremely motivated and experienced riding technique trainer and bike guide.

Philipp – Since 2010, the Wahlinnsbrucker has been an integral part of the local mountain world, whether on two wheels, legs or boards. This is how the full-time pedagogue stayed after his studies in Innsbruck. Here he has turned his passion into a second profession and now regularly gives MTB riding technique courses and MTB kids training. In doing so, it is important to him to combine the two disciplines of his professional activities and to create a learning environment that is always pleasant and progressive. As an instructor MTB in the Gravity area, makes him technically in the courses so quickly no one before what.

Kay has been mountain biking all over the Alpine arc and beyond for more than 20 years and brings with him many years of practice as an MTB guide and MTB coach. Uphill, Downhill, CC, Enduro or Gravity – everything is fine with him, the main thing it goes save, fluid and with style!
Motto: Never stop wanting to be better than you were yesterday – the better you move your bike, the more awesome every single experience on the bike will be – from the quick after-work lap, to the alpine multi-day tour!
Sabine – Grown up in Viehhofen, a small village in front of Saalbach Hinterglemm, she moved to Innsbruck to study sports science. When she’s not in college, she loves to spend her time on the snow or on the trails. Through her work as an instructor in the ski instructors association, ski guide and mountain bike guide, she likes to pass on her knowledge to like-minded people or those who want to become one. You can also meet her as a trainer at guide trainings of Bikehow and the Alpine Club.

Jonas – Biking as well as skiing totally fascinated him. That’s why he has been a mountain bike guide since 2016 and in 2019 he completed the training to become a mountain bike instructor. He is an excellent driving technician and meanwhile himself in the MTB teaching team of the Austrian Alpine Club. He is looking forward to a fun and eventful as well as educational time on the bike with you!