Ski technique courses and camps in Tirol

With state-certified ski instructors and professional trainers

Why should you actually attend a ski technique training?

Even though it’s hard to believe with the amount of people on the Tyrolean slopes, skiing is an extremely technical sport. Movements must be automated, dynamic and fast. There is no time for reflection. Once you leave the slope, the whole thing becomes even more complex. There is also a choppy ground, in deep snow the concrete counter support of a slope is missing, and the conditions can change from one meter to the next. We’re not even talking about broken harsch here.

However, it is precisely because of the busy slopes that many long for the open terrain. Be it for off-piste skiing in the area, or on a solitary ski tour. However, in order to make skiing in the backcountry fun over the long term, a certain level of skiing technique is required. However, these must first be thoroughly acquired. The basics have to fit. Under professional guidance, you can learn just this basis much faster and more profoundly.

In further consequence it is then of course also about the style. Once you have reached a certain level of safety and skill, you naturally want to cut a good figure on your skis. It can be about bringing your hips closer to the ground when carving turns, flying dynamically around the turn in powder, or taking every little jump with style.

In our various ski technique courses in Tyrol, however, we deal first and foremost with the basics. First safety, then fun and only then do the advanced skiers get to work on their desired goals in private sessions with our state-certified ski instructors and trainers.

Can you ever ski well enough? Everyone must answer this question individually for themselves. As a general rule, however, we would say no. Getting down is only a small part of the whole. There is always room for improvement. But that’s exactly what makes this sport so special: In addition to nature, landscape and endless potential for discovery, you can also spend a lifetime working on yourself and your own technical skills.

Our state certified ski instructors and trainers

Sabine Schipflinger – Grown up in Viehhofen, a small village in front of Saalbach Hinterglemm, she moved to Innsbruck to study sports science. Now at the end of her studies, she can almost only be found in the snow. Through her work as an instructor in the ski instructors association, ski guide and mountain bike guide, she likes to pass on her knowledge to like-minded people, or those who still want to become one.

Klaudia Fiegl – Born and raised in the beautiful Ötztal, loves skiing since childhood as much as chocolate. After a short break in marketing, she is back on skis and wants to pass on her years of experience and passion as a ski instructor and trainer to like-minded people and always make sure that every day brings you further.

Michael Mayrhofer – A Saalbacher who moved to Innsbruck many years ago. For a long time he was simply a ski instructor, full time. Thereby always on the highest level and also at some freeride contests at the start. Meanwhile, the educator, mountain guide, coach and much more. His experience, his trained eye and his easy to understand and motivating way with which he explains complex things, have so far improved almost everyone technically with whom he was on the road. Despite his skiing career, Michi is not one to follow the curriculum. When skiing, not everyone should look the same, it must be free, dynamic and yet stylish.

Luggi Brucic is a professional freeskier, or in Austria even a legend in the sport. He has been an Armada team rider since 2007 and can often be seen in films and photos. As a former freeski national coach he is our man for everything where jumping and park is concerned. He can not only show you how to get over the kickers the easiest way, but also teach you tricks ala backflip and 360 if needed.

Lisa Horst grew up in Swabia, was abroad in British Columbia and then in Innsbruck for her studies. Meanwhile, she trained as a state-certified ski instructor and ski guide, and has been freelancing on the snow for over 15 years since then. Resident in Ostallgäu, but at home on the slopes, in powder, ski touring and telemark.