Mont Blanc Circumnavigation 2016 – Enduro Trip

Epic trails around the most formidable mountain range in the Alps

The Mont Blanc massif, granite giants and glacial fractures around the highest mountain in the Alps. A dream destination not only for mountaineering and climbing, but also by mountain bike. Once around this huge massif and view Mont Blanc from all sides. In 5 days we drove around this mountain range on this very panoramic tour. The trip went through France, Italy and Switzerland.

While everything was still damp and covered in fog on arrival, the clouds cleared on the first day, revealing views of the impressive 4000-meter peaks. The Aguille di Chardonnay caught my eye during the first laps in the bike park of Le Tour especially, I stood three weeks earlier at the summit of this beautiful mountain. But soon we had to turn our backs on this white giant, the day was still young. Over a thousand meters of depth later – one must really mention that the French trails are in a class of their own – the longest stretcher passage of the week follows. But it’s worth it! Another trail leads us to the idyllic Champex Lac, our first stage destination. Vreni our luggage driver is already waiting for us with chilled beer.

On the wild south side of the Mont Blanc massif

Day 2 starts with a root trail descent that quickly times ensures that the body is awake in the morning to the last fiber. The following long climb up the Col de Ferret is a highlight, especially in the upper part. A 99 percent rideable trail with views of the south face of the Grande Jorasses. What more could you want? Of course, a decent descent. Technically somewhat more demanding than the previous day, this trail makes the heart of every enduro biker beat faster. You don’t want to stop, but you almost have to from time to time to enjoy the view. But we should rather have driven through. The hut on the Italian side didn’t want to sell us pasta after 3 o’clock. Too bad, but no matter, it is not far to Courmayeur.

Day 3 – it’s uphill. Passing the Peuterey ridge on the south side of Mont Blanc, the route continues uphill through Val Veny. In the last part you can also expect sliding passages. Allerdins again not in vain. Today there is a flow trail par excellence. At Mach 3, we head downhill past the high mountains for a well-deserved and much-needed lunch break. In the afternoon follows an actually easy asphalt climb – but with the headwind we had it was rather the opposite. Wind or not it is simply inconceivable that the racing cyclists at the Tour de France on this pass with over 30km / h drive. The last descent of the day to Beaufort is once again a trail technical highlight. Although without panorama, because in the forest, but the permanent grin on the face is still guaranteed.

Mont Blanc circumnavigation – a few lifts never hurt


Day 4 is a bit shorter, quickly said: narrow pass road up and looong trail down. The Mont Blanc shows its white northern side again. Lunch will be served at the destination. Day over? No – far from it. Now first a day ticket for the gondola is solved and until dinner is then driven according to desire and mood until the fingers no longer go from the handlebars.

Yes, and then it is unfortunately already so far, only one day left. On this one, however, things really get going again. Early in the morning there is a really steep climb. Unfortunately we had to share the following trail with the runners of the Mont Blanc Ultramarathon. At least until the halfway point, then another fork in the road presented itself. At noon in Chamonix, as always, all hell broke loose – really wild what goes on here in the season.

The (pre)last gondola ride of the week shoots us up another 1000hm to a tremendous final panorama. on the granite giants opposite. The following single trail again requires some concentration and freely according to the motto speed gives stability, you glide (or bump) over the rocks downhill and are spat out directly at the finish hotel. Vreni has of course already bought beer again. Who has not yet had enough can also in Argentiere again up with the train – a trail – hundreds of hairpin bends. Who then still does not like the beer, is no longer to help…

Impressive Enduro Tour, which is guaranteed by the mix of panorama and trails to be one of the highlights in the entire Alpine region. So next year fix again – See you at the Trail!

A few pictures: