Transalp adventure

1989 – first Transalp by Andreas Heckmair

With the mountain bike over the Alps, 25 years ago and in 1989 it was a real adventure with an uncertain outcome for Andreas Heckmair. Today, unfortunately, the whole thing has rather degenerated into a mass event. Thanks to ebikes, asphalted bike paths, large organizers and cabs, it is now possible for almost anyone to bike across the Alps. But where is the appeal in that? Is it still an adventure?

Transalp – still an adventure?

Definitely yes! And off the main routes. Like Heckmair, however, you should also be willing to put up with longer stretches. Especially when it comes to the uphill, you have to be able to torture yourself a bit. But who wants to achieve a goal without effort? While in the early days the bike was also carried downhill, it is these descents that are now the motivation to carry the bike up at all. Lonely high alpine passes and endless trail descents. That’s what the Transalp adventure is all about these days, in my opinion.


Lighter luggage => more riding fun with the same experience

A luggage transfer does not diminish the experience in any way, but brings the driving pleasure to a much higher level. Some organization is therefore already helpful to be able to enjoy the adventure Transalp properly. The Alps are big and transalps of this kind are plentiful – all you have to do is open up the map and look for trails. Then it’s a matter of linking the transitions sensibly (no boring asphalt stretches in the valley) and off we go. Since I live in Innsbruck, this year’s Transalp goes from Innbruck to the Kalterer See. For all who want to be there – Here the link to the event: Click

There will be another pretty awesome tour this year. At this point I reveal but only a few keywords. Kitzbühl – Arlberg, 4 glaciers, many lifts but also lonely stretches ?- pure Enduro! Stay tuned!