Kids Bike Camp St.Johann in Tirol

Our Kids Camp 2021: A week full of fun, action and lots of mountain biking. This is probably the best way to describe the Kidscamp in St. Johann. 12 kids between 9 and 14 years grabbed their mountain bikes and spent five days together with our guides Manfred and Jonas and the supervisor Jil the Tyrolean Oberland unsafe! Thereby all had one thing in common: Really much desire for lots of mountain biking!!!

The kids were divided into two groups according to their ability and so they trained diligently over the next five days. Right on the first bike day, the OD trails, a part of the Bikepark St. Johann, were explored. With so many track options, there really was something for everyone. Whether wooden drops, steep turns, tables, large stones (or even the descent through the middle of the cow pasture )- there was no one bored.

Technical training and rain program

The second day started with a short technical training. The focus was mainly on the cornering technique and the correct braking technique. And exactly that was implemented immediately afterwards on the Harschbichltrail. There were enough features: steep turns, root passages, northshores or jumps: the kids were not intimidated by anything and raced 600hm of the trail downhill several times.

Unfortunately, the weather turned rainy in the middle of the week, as so often this summer. And so a bad weather program had to serve for the daily portion of adrenaline. Off we went to the climbing hall. There was a lot of bouldering and climbing through a “laser” maze during the daily challenge (here there was a great prize to be won for a daily task).

Off to the trails with the kids

Fortunately, the heavy rain let up on the fourth day and so everyone grabbed their bikes again and headed out. The OD trails were once again on the program. And so that everyone could ride what they enjoyed most, the kids were allowed to ride freely under supervision. And the jumpline in particular was in great demand.

On the last day, everyone could show what they’ve got. The advanced group took on the Fleckalmtrail in Kitzbühel despite difficult conditions. The second group demonstrated their skills on the neighboring Hahnenkamm Trail. Both groups mastered the challenge perfectly and shot down the trails into the valley like real pros. So despite the bad weather, there were only happy kids, proud guides and ice cream for everyone!

Cooking with Chef Jonas

But of course there was a lot to do besides biking. On the large meadow in front of our accommodation, the Lacknerhof, we played soccer, badminton and tag together with a view of the wild Kaiser. And the big house itself was perfect for a few rounds of hide and seek, which sometimes stretched into the night. In the evenings, everyone pitched in and cooked together, with the kids giving great support to our chef Jonas. It was diligently chopped and prepared and every evening a delicious meal was conjured up for everyone. And so the five days flew by!

No sooner had the bikes and bags been unloaded on arrival than the final challenge took place again. Here there was a course with various tasks to master – and also on time. So it was: give it your all one last time and pedal hard! It was an exciting head-to-head race. We had a very great time and are already looking forward to next year. We are most pleased that all the children had a lot of fun and that their parents were amazed at the great progress they made when they came to pick them up.

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