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A project together with Endura and Komoot

Who is up for an exploration trip?

If you don’t like to explore new single trails and landscapes with your bike, you can stop here to read. If it does, it could be exciting. We’re going on a journey this summer, or rather a little adventure, and we want to take a few of you along for the ride. And not just online on social media, but also in real life. However, to take along is even a bit of an understatement. Your opinion is important to us, you can have a say and contribute your ideas. We want to design your (and of course our) dream bike trip with you and then of course test it right away. Explorer Trip means adventure: we plan as precisely as possible, but still don’t know exactly what we’re in for. How hard do you think the trail will be? How long will the day be? What’s around the next bend? We are curious.

When does it start?

The Explorer Trip with our partners Endura and Komoot is the week of Aug. 15-21, 2022. Where to? No idea (yet). We don’t want to decide this alone and want to actively involve you. In addition to our desired areas, we are especially interested in your ideas. We want to discover something new, ride epic trails and enjoy unknown views.

Just write us where you always wanted to go with the bike, or where the best area was in which you have been so far. Give us feedback if you prefer to travel on crossings like we do, or if you prefer the comfort of a star tour. We are open to a great deal, but we do have a few requirements for 2022.

  • It must be an enduro trip. Trails are therefore clearly in the foreground.
  • Shuttle is not a problem. But there should also be something for pedaling.
  • Areas: Everything within a 10 hour drive of Innsbruck. (unfortunately, it will probably not quite work out…)
  • Not in Austria, because we already know most of it there and additionally (almost) everything is forbidden anyway.

Win a place!

Comment with your dream destination under this post: Link. We will choose our 16 favorites from all ideas on 22.05.2022. The week after the final vote will take place on Instagram and we will give away a place on the trip worth 999€ to the person whose suggestion gets the most votes. More specifically, we always pit the proposals against each other one on one in story polls. A winner will then be determined according to the knockout system. What does it mean? The winner can go explode with us for free for one week. No hotel costs, no shuttle costs, a guide who is to blame if you get lost and a comfortable ride from Innsbruck to the desired area. Four further participants can come then still at the cost price (approx. 999€ all inclusive) with on this adventure. One week adventure crossing with half board, shuttles, cable cars and guide in small group.

Date stands yes already and goal stands then at the end of May, then also opened the registration. It’s first come, first served. However, the prerequisite is very solid bike skills of at least S2+ and a good condition. 1500hm per day in addition to the shuttle should not be a problem if we have to explode a little more.

Planning is only half the battle

After the decision for the area is made, the planning phase begins. Research what the highlights of the area are and how we link them. Trip design at its best, search for missing links, let the asphalt share go towards 0% and bring the trail share to a maximum. Maybe we have to go there beforehand to get rid of the roughest question marks. You can definitely follow the planning on social media and we welcome any input. There will be regular updates here in this post and of course on socialmedia. We will link you to all relevant posts here and keep you up to date on where the journey is going.

We have a winner!!!

After an exciting voting on our Instagram Stories the decision for the destination of our trip was made. Interestingly, all 4 semi-final destinations were in Eastern Europe, so there was a clear trend towards regions away from the major Western European bike destinations. An explorer trip means adventure, and that’s what we get.

The voting was won by Michael Hiller with the destination Albania. Congratulations again on winning your journey into the unknown. So the research time has begun. We quickly found an ideal contact for us, namely Tobi Gessler from Ride Albania. When we told him what we wanted to do, he only had to think for a short time and then provided us with input on our desired trip. In principle possible, he said, but it will be hot!

Well, we’re used to the heat by now, and climate change is giving us the best training conditions in Austria, too. And with the idea to retreat into the mountains, to use the early morning until noon for 4×4 shuttle supported enduro tours and to chill the afternoon at cold rivers, we could quickly get along. Of course, there will be enough time to get to know the Albanian cuisine and culture. Tobi organizes a local guide with whom we can explore the country and the trails in all their originality.

The crew has also already been determined. Actually, we wanted to allocate the free places via social media, but our group was already full before that. We are all hot for Albania. Our winner Michl brings two colleagues, from Endura athlete Katha Kruse and content creator Sebastian at the start, and the last place next to me (Markus) has grabbed our colleague, bike guide, blogger, and regular customer Markus Stern. So we are ready 🥳🥳.

Before the trip there will be a short program update, and then we’ll see what happens on site (and on the way there). You can then join us on social media for this adventure.

What happened on the trip in the end, you can read here:



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