Best of Tirol Freeride Camp

Follow the Snow – To the best areas of Tyrol!

Right time right place, a fixed date, an undefined area, that’s the motto at our Best of Tirol Freeride Camp. We stay in a central hotel in the valley and go every day to where the best conditions are expected. In doing so, we can move to the glaciers when the temperatures are warm, and we can also look for north or south-facing days. So at best, we’re riding in fresh powder most of the time. If it doesn’t snow for a longer time, we will unpack the skins to reach terrific descents that remain good even after several snow-free days. Freely according to the motto ‘All Mountain All Day’ we get the best out of each day, the focus is on the descent and for the climbs applies: As much as necessary, as little as possible.

We are located at the entrance of the Ötztal and have a perfect starting point to get to the different ski resorts as flexible as possible. Where we then go skiing on the respective days, the mountain guides then always decide at very short notice. A little bonus on the side: owners of the “Tirol Snowcard” often don’t even need to buy a ski pass. Of course we can’t give a “powder guarantee” here – but we try to put together all our experience, all the information we get from mountain guides, through our hotels or even friends so that we are at the right place at the right time.

Expiry Best of Tirol Freeride Camp

At this camp you will spend three or four days in the backcountry with a mountain guide, depending on the date. The first day is the arrival day, meeting point is in the evening at the hotel bar to get to know each other. We discuss here which areas would be useful the next day and determine the first destination based on the conditions and your preferences. In the morning we go in the shuttle bus (or depending on Corona rules in your own car) and enjoy the whole day at best in fresh powder snow. If it snows for a longer time nowhere, we will also take climbs and get to terrific descents.

Your mountain guide

Markus Emprechtinger – Born in the hilly Innviertel region, it was clear at the latest when he moved to Innsbruck to study that a life without mountains would no longer be possible. He studied meteorology so he wouldn’t get caught in the rain on the road, but most of the time he’s outdoors anyway and takes the weather as it comes. Markus is an all-rounder, whether with bike, ice tools, climbing pads or skis, he has fun everywhere. Besides mountain sports, there is also photography. Of course, the guests benefit from this as well, because neat pictures of eventful tours are already a cool thing.


  • Skiing ability: Very good skiing technique, brisk, safe off-piste skiing.

  • Previous experience: You have already been out in the backcountry several times and you have first ascent experience with skins. Basic knowledge in handling avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe (depending on previous knowledge or on request, we will be happy to go into it again).

  • Condition requirement: Good physical fitness, we drive only off-piste in partly high alpine terrain. Ascents of up to 2 hours are also possible. (200-500hm)

  • Material: freeride skis (min. 95-100mm center) with freeride or touring binding, skins, avalanche transceiver equipment, backpack, helmet
    If you do not have the material yourself: No problem, we will bring it with us on site (just let us know when you register).

  • With our state-certified UIAGM mountain guides and safety guides far away from lifts, away from pistes, right into the middle of medium to steep terrain with powder and firn.
    And to the place we consider best just before….
    The whole always with the greatest attention to safety and consideration of the current avalanche situation.
  • We use lifts as much as we can and continue to climb with skins. That is, we will certainly also make ascents of about 20 min up to 2 hours, either with skins or also with the skis on the backpack.
    These ascents are not a “ski tour”, but are used to find untracked slopes, to access distant valleys, to enjoy beautiful couloirs, long runs and to ski far away from the hustle and bustle of the slopes.
    Should of course be enough snow near the lift: Let’s go there…(::
    But of course the focus here is clearly on the downhill, that’s why we want to “chase the best snow”…
  • If necessary, the mountain guides will rope you down into beautiful slopes, flanks or gullies.
  • The guides will show you how to recognize terrain shapes, how to assess them correctly, how to minimize dangers, how to move safely in the terrain and will answer all your questions.
  • You are flexible and the accommodation is not the most important thing for you when freeriding?
    Then you’re in the right place – untracked slopes, fat powder or chilly firn is our goal!
    For us it’s clear: always downhill oriented with the greatest attention to safety and consideration of the current avalanche situation.
  • Group size: Only 5-6 participants per mountain guide
  • A residual risk cannot be completely ruled out even with professional mountain guides and we clearly point this out again here!
  • Bring complete avalanche transceiver equipment (backpack, avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe) if available, or rent it at registration.
  • A ski backpack to which you can properly attach skis (no bike backpacks,…) – Or an airbag backpack.
    You can rent both from us…
  • Skis with touring or walkable freeride bindings as well as skins are mandatory for all freeride camps and levels, as we want to make ascents or need them as a safety backup
  • Helmets are compulsory for participants at all camps!
    Without a helmet, participants can be excluded from participation by our mountain guides, this is not a reason for compensation.
  • Individual participants can be excluded from tours or assigned to another group if they do not meet the requirements and/or endanger themselves, the group or the mountain guides or cause too much delay.
    Poor skiing skills, lack of condition and/or lack of snow, or poor snow quality do not constitute grounds for compensation!
  • Insurance covering salvage costs is the responsibility of the trip participant.
    The organizer declines any liability here.
  • Minimum number of participants for this trip: 5 persons – We reserve the right to cancel the trip if the minimum number of participants is not reached up to 15 days before the start of the trip.
  • We do not reimburse for any pre-booked transportation or transfer costs – these cannot be assigned to us under any circumstances.
    If a ride in our bus, van,… is booked, it will be reimbursed.
  • In case of own arrival , the traveler is responsible for late arrival.
    A claim for damages for non-received services does not arise from this.
  • These regulations are part of the travel contract and are accepted by the booker by sending the booking.
  • Furthermore, our GTCs apply in full.
  • From 4 people all dates and destinations for private groups, companies, ski clubs,…

Booking – from 649€


  • 3-4 days state certified mountain and ski guide

  • Maximum 6 guests per guide

  • 3-4 nights in a double room with breakfast in a cozy hotel

  • Transfers from the hotel to the ski resorts

  • Exclusive ski pass

Your Powder Trip

  • Clear goal: The best snow

  • Wide powder slopes

  • Hidden descents

  • Forest terrain for poor visibility

  • Additional climbs open up endless freeride terrain

The camp is held in cooperation with Sport65 Shop and Travel. Questions are always welcome – Contact

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